Integrated polymer photonic systems
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
PhotonHub Experience centre
9. 9. 2024
Polymer-based photonic components and large-area organic-photonics
Mobility & energy Digital infrastructure Health

Integrated ( polymer photonics systems are key building blocks in many disruptive product innovations like multidisciplinary environment and diagnostic sensors, displays, energy sources and wearable devices.
This 3-day training course provides overview on the realization of functional systems using non conventional fabrication technologies based on polymer based materials and their printing and hybrid integration.
Hands on training includes the participation in the real production runs comprising component fabrication by nanoimprinting, non photonic microfluidics and flexible electronics board fabrication, hybrid integration of Si/compound semiconductor components on flexibile /stretchable carriers and post processing by roll to roll injection moulding During test runs, functional components and systems are realized.

  • Perform printing/replication processes to fabricate optical, electrical and microfluidic features
  • Perform hybrid integration of Si/compound rigid components on flexible and stretchable carriers
  • Perform post processing by injection molding to produce embedded photonic systemsPerform
  • Learn about critical polymer photonic component fabrication and integration design rules
  • Learn how to manage the polymer photonic product design and fabrication processes
Medium experience
The intended audience comprises industrial concept developers, designers, manufacture engineers and test engineers The course covers the key material related topics, component production and hybrid integration.
500 EUR
(includes catering and project consumables)
20 persons

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