Photonics Packaging & Integration Technologies
Tyndall National Institute, UCC
PhotonHub Experience centre
4. 6. 2024
5. 6. 2024
6. 6. 2024
3 days
Free-Space Photonic Components and Systems Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) and Hybrid Photonics Systems Silicon-based photonic integrated circuits InP-based Photonic Integrated Circuits Silicon Nitride waveguide technology
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Photonic device packaging can account for over 50% of the photonic product manufacturing cost. Therefore, it is vital that industries developing photonic-based products have an understanding of the materials, technologies and processes required to package their photonic devices.

This 3-day training course provides industry, especially those involved in photonic product development, with the fundamental technical skills in package design, assembly and reliability analysis. The course covers the key optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical aspects of packaging technologies. It also provides an overview of packaging equipment and reliability factors which are critical parts of the total manufacturing ecosystem.

This unique industry ‘hands-on’ training programme provides attendees with access to state-of-the-art facilities, materials and equipment, with dedicated tutorials and mentoring for technical experts.

  • Perform key photonic packaging processes and use advanced packaging equipment
  • Perform photonic module test, reliability and failure analysis
  • Learn about critical photonic packaging design rules
  • Learn how to manage the photonic product design process and manufacturing ecosystem
No experience Medium experience
It is desirable but not essential that course attendees have a basic understanding of photonics. The course is ideally suited to those planning to develop new photonic products, establish in-house or outsource packaging development and manufacturing.
Tyndall National Institute
500 EUR
(includes catering and project consumables)
Groups of 8 people per course
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