PIC Design Training at VLC Photonics
VLC Photonics S.L. - A Hitachi Group Company
VLC Photonics S.L. - A Hitachi Group Company
PhotonHub Experience centre
30. 9. 2024
3 days
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The PIC Design Course is an in-person course hosted in the campus of Politechnical University of Valencia. The program provides a dynamic and practical lecture that combine a 3 days hands-on session, supported by the experts at VLC and selected software partners(e.g. Synopsys, GDSFactory, ...).

The Design course is covering the physical concepts of the optical blocks, the implementation on software, practical example for hands-on simulation as well as experience with the software tools for high-level system validation, use of compact models, and circuit layout. This approach is the most effective in terms of having a first introduction and contact to practical skills, surrounded by many other attendees that can provide good insights and questions.

The course creates the conditions to indirectly tackle topics related to software solutions, design rules and intricacies with PIC manufacturing, maturity level and performance repeatability for building blocks in PDK, general design recommendations with passive and active structures, design and modelling of custom elements such as AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Gratings), etc.

  1. Understand the physics behind designing passive and active components.
  2. Learn about the used software (installation, interface, most used tabs…)
  3. Perform simulation exercises of passive and active components.
  4. Learn about mask layouting and perform layout exercises.
  5. Understand PIC manufacturing and backend overview.
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It is desirable but not essential that course attendees have a basic understanding of photonics. It is an intense masterclass oriented to all kind of people; from students, researchers to technicians or engineers willing to expand or reinforce their skills on PIC design. The users only need a laptop; Preferable with Windows System. We want to make it industrial, and allocate spots for companies. Contact at: SALES@VLCPHOTONICS.COM
The Design Course at CPI UPV
The Design Course at CPI UPV
The Design Course will take place at the room INNOVA of the Salas CPI (Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación), on the 4th floor of the building 8G access D.
875 €
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