Photonics for Telecom & Datacom applications
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
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Photonic technologies are the cornerstone of modern telecom and datacom communication systems. Evolution of long-haul coherent systems, multilevel datacenter links and 5G optical infrastructure are heavily depended on state-of-the-art transceiver PICs and DSP technologies.

The proposed demo center will provide hands-on training to industry, especially those developing new products or addressing an application need, on important photonic-based transceiver systems and how they are applied in various data communication environments.

The course will focus on three technology demonstrators; 1) High-capacity coherent optical transmission systems; 2) 100Gbaud optical transceivers for datacom links; 3) Optical beamforming technologies for beyond 5G applications. Course attendees will learn how these systems are designed, fabricated and tested. 

The ICCS demo center and courses will address the ICT application domain and exploit Silicon Photonics and InP-based PIC technologies.

  • Understanding of key features of photonic transceiver for datacom and telecom applications.
  • See the design processes to produce early-stage transceiver devices (hands-on activity).
  • See and evaluate working devices (hands-on activity).
  • Understand the photonic product design process and manufacturing ecosystem.
No experience
It is desirable but not essential that course attendees have a basic understanding of photonics. The course is ideally suited to those planning to develop new photonic products.
ICCS/NTUA premises
300 EUR
Includes catering and project consumables.
6 persons
Groups of 6 people per course.
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