Optics and freeform optics
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
PhotonHub Experience centre
16. 10. 2024
3 days
Free-Space Photonic Components and Systems
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Optics and freeform optics:
design, prototyping, metrology and manufacturing

Lenses and mirrors are essential optical components in imaging and non imaging systems and are currently used in all industry sectors. Optimizing the optics design in view of volume manufacturing in optical grade glasses and plastics is key in maximizing system performance .

This 3 day industry training course provides engineers and product developers with the basic technical insights and skills in optics and freeform optics design, prototyping, metrology and manufacturing. The course covers the key aspects of spherical and aspherical optical lenses and mirrors and highlights the unique advantages of freeform optical surfaces Prototyping,  manufacturing and optical testing are illustrated with demonstrations and hands on experience is provided with state of the art pilot line equipment. Practical applications from different industry sectors serve as illustrations.

This unique industry ‘hands on’ training program includes dedicated tutorials, tutorial material, and mentoring by technical experts. Attendees will experience access to state of the art facilities and hands on experience with top notch equipment. 

Dates for the next training course (3 day course) 

  • 12, 13 & 14 March 2024
  • 16, 17 & 18 October 2024
  1. Basic understanding of first time right optics and freeform optics design, including tolerance analysis and design for manufacturing
  2. Understanding of the unique advantages and applications of freeform optics over their conventional (a)spherical counterparts
  3. Perform prototyping of optical components in in optical grade glasses and plastics
  4. Perform characterization and testing of optical components with high end metrology instruments
  5. Perform replication of optical components in optical grade glasses and plastics
No experience Medium experience
It is desirable but not essential that course attendees have a basic understanding of optics. The course is ideally suited to those planning to use optical and freeform optical components for their particular imaging and non imaging applications and to learn about sourcing them through pilot lines.
VUB Photonics Campus
750 €
includes course material, consumables, lunches and diners
We work in groups of 2-3 persons per hands-on station

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