Handle and use pulsed Lasers for additive fabrication
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13. 2. 2024
21. 3. 2024
23. 4. 2024
18. 6. 2024
1 day
Laser-based Manufacturing
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Among additive manufacturing techniques, laser-induced forward transfer (LIFT) addresses the challenges of digital printing of materials in solid or liquid phase with very high resolution. The main fields of applications are printed electronics, organic electronics and tissue engineering, and as a general perspective, this laser-based technique is appealed to become a key technology for 3D digital nanomanufacturing.

This 1-day training course thus provides a unique opportunity to get familiar with LIFT laser additive fabrication and its driving and control knobs. After recalling basics of laser handling and manipulation, the course briefly exposes the principle of this laser-based technology and its pros and cons versus other digital printing technologies. The attendee is further immersed in an hands-on learning experience, in which step-by-step he/she will progress under the guidance of an expert trainer to the final demonstration of digital printing of a pixel of matter.

This unique industry ‘hands-on’ training program provides attendees with access to state-of-the-art laser facilities and workstation equipment, with dedicated tutorials and mentoring for technical experts.

  • Learn about laser operation of short pulse laser 
  • Learn and use an advanced home-made laser workstation
  • Learn LIFT laser-based technique, a game-changer for 3D digital printing
  • Fabricate materials and components with controlled resolution and morphology
No experience Medium experience
The course is ideally suited to those planning to learn and get familiar with an advanced laser additive fabrication techniques with potential applications in 3D digital printing and manufacturing. Basic knowledge in Optics and Physics is desirable but not mandatory.
LP3 laboratory
500 EUR
includes catering and project consumables
4 persons
Groups of 3/4 people per course
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