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The training course is focused on applications of photonics to gas sensing, with particular attention to the industrial applications of two techniques: absorption spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy.

The first part of the Demo is dedicated to gas sensing through laser absorption spectroscopy, with the presentation of contactless non-intrusive laser-based gas sensors to improve quality and safety of food and pharma products by inspecting the packages and the content. What is innovative in this technology is the possibility to measure the gas content within transparent or  diffusive materials and its adaptation to measure closed containers of different shape.

TRhe second part of the Demo is dedicated on gas sensors based on Raman effect, which are able to simultaneously detect the different components in a gas mixture. This concept is being applied to measurement of gas concentration in natural gas / biogas industry and instrumentation for agrifood and life science.

The one-day hands-on training course provides industry, especially those developing new products or addressing an application need, with a detailed overview of important photonic-based gas sensor devices and how they are applied in food, pharma, natural gas and analytical instrumentation environments.

The course will focus on a general overview of gas sensing by laser absorption and Raman spectroscopy techniques and two technology demonstrators; 1) Non-destructive measurement of containers for food and pharma; 2) Multigas analyzer for natural gas quality control. Course attendees will learn how these sensors devices are designed, fabricated and tested. They will also learn how early-stage prototypes can be scaled to volume manufacturing.

  • Understanding of key features of photonic design for gas sensor applications
  • Find out the correct sensing technique for a specific gas analysis prolem
  • See and evaluate working gas sensor devices (hands-on activity)
  • Understand the photonic product design process and manufacturing systm
No experience Medium experience Advanced experience
It is desirable but not essential that course attendees have a basic understanding of photonics. The course is ideally suited to those planning to develop new testing methods based on innovative, non invasive gas sensors and compact, contactless multi gas analyzers with the ability to resolve the composition of gas mixtures containing several components.
CNR-Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies
250 EUR per person
Course Cost includes catering, project consumables and presented material for attendees
15 persons
15 persons is the max number of attendees to operate successfully in the laboratories
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