Super resolution and advance microscopy imaging techniques
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Advanced microscopy and super resolution imaging techniques are becoming essential tools for non-invasive observation of samples at scales that go from several nm to the mm scale. Applications go from agriculture and food industry, materials, diagnosis of diseases, understanding of cellular and subcellular dynamic processes to study of embryo development, etc.

This 1-day course provides ad-hoc basic training on super resolution and advanced microscopy imaging techniques including STED, STORM, Confocal, spectral confocal, multiphoton, Raman and LSFM.

The course includes a basic overview of the main concepts involved in each technique, and hands -on sessions. In these, the trainee will have the opportunity to acquire images from different test samples which will be provided according to the technique and microscope in use.

This unique ‘hands-on’ training program provides attendees with access to state-of-the-art facilities, materials and equipment, with dedicated tutorials and mentoring from technical experts.

  • Understanding the key features of modern microscopy
  • Familiarize with the different concepts of super resolution
  • Devising an imaging experiment from sample preparation to image quantification on 3 of the available technologies (according to the attendees preferences)
No experience Medium experience
The course is at an “entry level” for those interested in modern microscopy techniques. It is desirable but not essential that course attendees have a basic understanding of optics and photonics. Depending on the attendees, the course can be tailored to match their needs and backgrounds.
Castelldefels (Barcelona)
250 EUR
includes catering and project consumables
9 to 12 persons
4 persons per group
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