Fiber-Optic Sensors for Structural Health and Biomedical Monitoring
Warsaw Univ. of Technology
PhotonHub Demo centre
1 day
Glass and Polymer Specialty Fibres and Fibre Devices
Manufacturing Health

The proposed one-day hands-on training will address the major topics of manufacturing and practical application of various fiber-optic sensors with a specific focus on biomedical and structural health monitoring applications, reflecting the unique competencies of the team in these fields.

The scope of the training covers fundamentals of fiber-optic sensors manufacturing-focused mainly on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors, physical effects and major measuring equipment used in fiber-optic sensing systems, selected aspects of integrating the sensors with composite materials (smart composites) as well a demonstration of selected practical applications. The training scope includes also hands-on experience of the systems equipped with discrete (FBG, fiber bends) or distributed sensors (OFDR, OTDR) dedicated to monitoring physical deformations of various objects of civil engineering (e.g. masts, railway crossings) as well as selected parameters of the patient (heart rate, respiratory rate) under remote medical care.

  • Understanding of key features of fiber-optic sensors
  • Seeing the manufacturing processes of FBG-based fiber sensors (hands-on activity)
  • Seeing the thermal processing processes of speciality fiber-optic elements and fibers
  • Understanding the design and operation of selected fiber-optic sensing systems, equipped with both discrete sensors and distributed systems (hands-on activity)
  • Gathering the knowledge of the potential application of fiber-optic sensors
No experience Medium experience
It is recommended although not obligatory that attendees should have a fundamental knowledge of photonics. The course is designed to support newcomers to the photonic field, planning to develop new products exploiting the potential of fiber-optic sensors
Warsaw University of Technology
0 Euros
Catering and project consumables.
Groups of 4/8 people
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