Laser-based Additive Micro-Manufacturing for industrial applications
Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas (FORTH)
PhotonHub Demo centre
Laser-based Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM), has been established as the manufacturing technology of choice in a variety of industries, from aerospace, to automotive, medical devices, and photonics.

Multiphoton Lithography (MPL) is a laser-based AM technique which enables the “direct writing” of computer-designed structures with submicron resolution. Based on the phenomenon of multiphoton absorption, MPL is the only technique that can provide freeform 3D nanoprinting.

The course will focus on three technology demonstrators:

  1. Micro-optics
  2. Architected Mechanical Structures
  3. Biomedical Microdevices.

The design, and fabrication of microstructures will be covered through tutorials and hands-on experience training. Extra weight will be placed on choosing the right photopolymer for each application

  • Understanding of key features of of additive micromanufacturing
  • Participate in the fabrication of high-resolution 3D components using tailor-made materials
  • Observe and evaluate working micro-components, such as axicons on fibers(hands-on activity)
  • Communicate and seek solutions for specific concerns related to additive micro-manufacturing
No experience
300 EUR
catering and project consumables
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