Quantitative Phase Imaging at Cellular Level
Warsaw Univ. of Technology
PhotonHub Demo centre
17. 5. 2024
27. 9. 2024
1 day
Free-Space Photonic Components and Systems

Photonics plays an important role in many biomedical applications, from diagnosis and sensing of disease and infection to minimally invasive imaging of tissue during clinical procedures.

This one-day hands-on training course provides:

  • industry, especially those developing new 2D and 3D microscopic instrumentation and
  • biomedical sectors such as diagnosis/histopathological medical laboratories/hospitals, cell and tissues factories, farmaceutical industry with a detailed overview, comparison and metrology of label-free, quantitative phase imaging (QPI) devices and their applications in laboratory and clinical environments.

The course will focus on three technology demonstrators and their applications:

  1. Digital Holographic Microscope for phase/dry mass measurement and monitoring in biological cells and cell cultures;
  2. Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy for amplitude and phase imaging of histopathological samples;
  3. Optical Diffraction Tomograph for 3D QPI of refractive index distribution in cells/cell cultures/tissues.

Course attendees will learn how these devices are built, calibrated and how the data are processed and analyzed.

  • Understanding of key features of quantitative phase imaging for biomedical applications.
  • Understand the optomechatronics design of 2D and 3D phase imaging microscopic systems based on coherent and incoherent light (hands-on activity).
  • Understand the full data processing scheme and its influence on the proper interpretation of results (hands-on activity).
  • Understand & be able to determine the metrological parameters of QPI devices (hands-on activity).
No experience Medium experience
It is desirable but not essential that course attendees have a basic understanding of photonics and image processing. The course is ideally suited to those planning to develop novel imaging devices or sensors for biomedical application at a cellular level as well as to those who develop applications using 2D and 3D/4D quantitative data gathered by these devices.
Warsaw University of Technology Mechatronic Faculty
100 EUR per person
Training cost includes catering and project consumables.
groups of 2, 3 or 6 people
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