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The fiber technology is nowadays part of most photonic systems Any industry developing, building or integrating photonic devices will have to deal with fibers.This training is intended for professionals working with the technologies such as Glass Polymer Specialty Fiber Fiber Devices or Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems Integration and/or applications within Industry 4.0 or Information Communications.

The 3-day training course will cover the knowledge and skills required to handle fiber based devices and components. The attendees will learn how to choose, characterize and use the specific fibers matching their needs, how to prepare and handle fibers, how to splice and build reliable all fibered photonic systems. This include sensors, integrated optics, telecom, lasers and more.

After a short introduction on the underlying physics of light propagation in waveguides, the trainees will attend hands-on training in the unique PYLA training center dedicated to photonics with full access to a complete set of professional equipment supervised by local experts from industry and academy.

  • Basic knowledge for fiber connectorization
  • How to on fiber preparation and conditioning
  • Basic understanding of light propagation in waveguides
  • Acquire the background for optimal choice of fibers
  • Know-how on fiber splicing
Medium experience
The course is ideally suited to those planning to develop new photonic products based on optical fiber technologies including integrated optics at the level of technicians and engineers.
ALPhANOV Pyla Training Center
33400 Talence
800 EUR
(includes catering and project consumables)
6 persons per course
(2 groups of 3 persons for each hands-on)
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