InP PIC Concepts
Eindhoven University of Technology
PhotonHub Experience centre
9. 10. 2023
InP-based Photonic Integrated Circuits
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This industry training program is focussed on InP PIC technology offered in the JePPIX platform. It is a compact, two-day course developed by extracting key modules from the annual JePPIX deep dive design course which were of particular importance to industry professionals.

The compact program gives a conceptual insight into waveguide photonics, optical modes, interference devices, amplifiers, lasers, and modulators. Use cases for creating and analysing circuits with these combinations of building blocks are discussed, as well as assembly and packaging approaches.

The most up-to-date details may be found here:

Participants will develop a conceptual understanding of the design-flow connecting physical principles to practical designs and layouts used in photonic integrated circuits.

They will have acquired the vocabulary to discuss design choices.

They will have gained an awareness of some of the most important constraints in design due to packaging, design know-how, fabrication tolerances, characterization techniques and materials properties.

The course does not include training on software tools.

Medium experience
Industry professionals who have limited time available, but would still value expert tuition for an orientation on indium phosphide, integrated photonics. Participants are assumed to have a Bachelor, Masters or equivalent industry experience in a scientific or engineering field. They are already familiar with the concepts of waveguides, the properties of light such as amplitude, phase, wavelength and polarization. Additionally, they are familiar with the operating principles of diodes and the concept of electronic bands for describing semiconductor devices. Typical course participants did not follow our 2-week PIC Design Course (yet), or perhaps feel it is too detailed for their objective.
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
700 EUR
The cost includes catering and course materials.
If the number of registrations is outside of the required range, we ask participants to register for the next edition. The course is particularly targeted at industry researchers and engineers.