Photonics Explorer
Photonics STEM
Education kit for secondary schools with 8 different modules an more than 100 components to let the students do the optics and photonics experiments t

The Photonics Explorer is an intra-curricular photonics kit designed for secondary school students across Europe.

Each kit contains a class set of generic, durable and versatile optical experimental components for a class of 25-30 students. This is supported by a didactic framework consisting of worksheets, factsheets, teacher guide and multimedia material. The Photonics Explorer is specifically designed to integrate into and enhance and complement existing European secondary school science curricula. The kit is distributed to science teachers who enrol on a training course.

The Photonics Explorer kits are available in 16 EU languages and are distributed by EYESTvzw. More information about EYEST can be found via this link.